"...Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes on Jesus..."

Hebrews 12:1-2

>>>>>>LATEST NEWS<<<<<<

*November 15, 2018

RAAM 2019 IS OUT, RAAM 2020 IS IN!

The 24 Hour Worlds in Borrego Springs, CA was an incredible event to be a part of and a big learning experience.  We were able to complete 370 miles in 24 hours despite some problems due to inexperience.  After careful consideration we have decided to push back our RAAM effort to 2020.  This will give us the opportunity to train more and gain more experience by doing 3 ultra races in 2019.  This will help assure us that we can be succesful in carrying out our mission of spreading the hope, love and peace of Jesus Christ across the the country.  This also will raise our competetive goal from finishing RAAM to finishing RAAM in the top 3 of our age group!  The next race for us will be the 24 hour race in Sebring, FL February 9-10, 2019.  Check out the new photos from Borrego Springs and thanks for everyone's continued prayers and support!!

*August 23, 2018

We are looking for an RV to use for RAAM 2019.  We are looking for a Class C, 30 ft, gas RV. 

*August 19, 2018


We are looking for additional crew members to join our team for RAAM 2019.  Not only will you get to travel across this great land of ours coast to coast, more importantly you will be helping to make a difference in people's lives by helping us fulfill our mission by sharing the hope, love and peace that only a relationship with Jesus Christ can offer.  We need help with:  Driving (both van and RV), Navigating, Equipment/Bicycle Maintenance, Gear Prep, Food Prep, Shopping, Organizing, Dejaying, Photography, Encouraging (both rider and crew) and more.  If you want to help and don't think you have the right skills, no problem -- we will teach you if you are willing.  The perfect crew member will:  be able to stick to a schedule but also be flexible when that schedule gets blown apart, work well and get along with other crew members and rider, will appreciate every triumph along the way and will look at every obstacle or stumbling block as an opportunity to achieve another triumph and will make their best effort to treat everyone we come in contact with along the way with love and kindness -- therefore being a reflection of Jesus Himself.  We will provide you with meals, lodging, transportation and a ticket to the awards dinner in Annapolis.  Please contact us if you are interested or have questions.

*August 17, 2018

We're In!  It came down to a lottery selection but Chris is invited to race in the World Time Trial Championships in Borrego Springs, CA on October 26, 2018!  This is a RAAM Qualifying Race and in order to qualify for RAAM 2019 Chris needs to ride 400 miles in 24 hours.

Mission Statement

To share the hope, love and peace of Jesus Christ with others through our words and actions.